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Aston Martin and Smiths Gauges: An Historic Bond

Smiths' rich automotive heritage was forged in the dawn of the 20th century - at the birth of motoring. Within three decades, its reputation for design excellence would secure its status as the pinnacle of binnacles - the leading provider of instruments to the British motor industry.

Generations of classic Aston Martin owners are familiar with - and revere - this distinctive dashboard icon: the name SMITHS, in its unique house font, silk screened above the dial is a hallmark of tradition and quality.

Smiths has played a starring role in most Aston Martin models for decades. Its DB5 dial also makes a celebrated appearance in the closing scenes of James Bond blockbuster Spectre. The Smiths gauge springs to life as Daniel Craig pumps the accelerator.

Aston Martin and Smiths have joined Bond on many action-packed missions - making its debut in 1964's Goldfinger.

All Smiths rev counters, speedometers and other gauges were designed to reflect the times, and Smiths instruments for classic Aston Martin cars are still crafted today in accordance with the original drawings.

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