Engine Rebuilds

We believe that no other engine can compare with the power and performance of the Aston Martin. With our in-house specialist engine shop capable of catering for all V12, V8 and six-cylinder requirements, Aston Engineering can guarantee a comprehensive engine rebuild.

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Whether your Aston Martin requires a rebuild to standard specification, mild tune or a full race conversion, our knowledgeable team will be able to call on over 30 years’ experience of engine building. Our unrivalled knowledge has an international reputation and is a guarantee of fantastic service.

In the past we have carried out a diverse range of engine rebuilds. From lead-free conversions to electronic fuel injection conversions, engine design to full development, the team at Aston Engineering has worked closely with Aston Martin owners to refine engines to meet customers’ needs. At our premises in Derby, we possess full engine dynamometer testing facilities, a Mira head shop, crankshaft balancer and flow bench to ensure that no engine will leave the workshop without being in optimum condition.

Take a look at our Aston Engineering Enhancements page to see what we can do for you.

  • Engine Rebuild
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Engine Rebuild