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Originally owned by Tommy Sopwith, the Aston Martin DB4 GT GJB is among the rarest Aston models around, being one of only two lightweight DB4 GTs still on the road.The original Aston Martin DB4 was unveiled at the 1958 Paris Salon, showcasing the virtues of British engineering and boasting an elegant fastback aluminium body rich with exquisite Italian styling. A state-of-the-art model on its launch, the DB4 has been held in high esteem as one of the most-admired post-war models.

The competition variant – the Aston Martin DB4 GT – enjoys equally exulted status, launching at the London Motor Show in 1959 and winning its first race at Silverstone later the same year. To this day, the DB4 GT is a popular entrant at major historical racing events including the Goodwood Revival Festival. Of the 75 DB4 GTs constructed, six models were constructed according to factory lightweight specifications – one of which was the DB4 GT GJB.

The lightweight concept arose from demand that the DB4 GT could be competitive against Ferrari’s SWB 250 Berlinettas in international Grand Touring Racing. The chassis weight was reduced by replacing steel parts with aluminium, while the removal of selected components lightened the car’s mass further.

Famously driven to victory by Stirling Moss at the 1960 BARC Goodwood meeting, the DB4 GT GJB really is a rare example of engineering excellence.

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